Imagine your Hustle without the Grind...

Welcome To #SalesRemastered

My name is Daniel Nicart and I am the founder of #SalesRemastered. 

I share with you what Top Producers are doing TODAY in order to thrive consistently in Sales.

A wide collection of video and written content sharing FREE lessons, techniques, methods and trials that i’ve personally studied from the greatest Minds and Influencers in Sales, Marketing and Leadership!

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Discover a New Way to Generate Qualified Leads!

#SalesRemastered is your “NO B.S.” guide to accelerating your Sales Career and experiencing the life and perks of being a Top Producer…Consistently.

Learn how to remove the Grind from your Hustle and Remaster your current method of:

  • Originating New Sales.

  • Generating More Income.

  • Earning Job Security.

  • Internal and External Confidence.

  • Motivation.

  • Mindset  Mentoring.

My goal is to give Passionate and Driven Mortgage Loan Officers and Sales Professionals a home for modernized Sales Training and Sales Scripting that works.




As you experience the content on #SalesRemastered, you will encounter videos that are ‘vlogged’ and will contain some explicit language. 

This may not be suitable for all audiences. 

If you are offended by hearing a four letter word, than this channel may not be for you…

BUT, if you can appreciate authenticity and communication in it’s rawest form with NO fluff and NO B.S., then you’ll LOVE this Brand!

Enter #SalesRemastered with an open mind and willingness to learn HOW it works and you will find a direct path to success!


About the Founder:

Having studied the Sciences of Selling, Influence and Emotional Intelligence for over 20 years, Daniel has been fortunate to have studied some of the greatest minds in Sales, Marketing and Influence.

Daniel brings to light the fundamentals of making a Sale without it being so much of a Grind.

Daniel teaches you the mindset needed to stay motivated, stay focused and adapt to a higher level of communication with Sales Leads. Having been a Top Producer in each Sales Environment he has ever worked, Daniel continues to thrive today as a Producing Sales Manager for the 3rd Largest, Privately Held Mortgage Lender in the Country.

Currently he manages and Originates Sales along with his team, who currently sits as the Number One producing Sales Team in the company, having the highest average sold units per Sales Agent.

His Team of Mortgage Loan Officers earned their way to being recognized as the Top Sales Team in the Company and now he is sharing all of his methods and techniques for FREE across multiple Social Media channels.

His focus is to provide Sales Agents a resource for sales mentoring, mindset motivation and experience needed to win at Sales and maintain Sanity through it’s trials!

In a rugged sport like Sales, it takes a certain Mindset, Work Ethic and Strategy to become a Top Producer and it takes continuous mentoring in order to consistently stay a Top Producer.

Daniel shows you the true Science of Emotional Intelligence, Social Influence and a Remastered way of Selling!